Possible Neglect:  Inadequately dressed for the weather (e.g. shorts and sandals in freezing temperatures), appear to be excessively listless and tired (no routine or structure at bedtime), report caring for younger siblings, poor hygiene or smell of urine or feces, unusually small or thin or have a distended stomach (malnutrition), unattended medical or dental problems, appear withdrawn, crave unusual amounts of attention

Possible Physical Abuse:  Extensive bruises in area of body that are not normal (such as behind the ears), bruises of different color (indicating various healing stages), frequent bruises around the head or face, the abdomen or midway between the wrist and elbow, marks that indicate a hard blow by an object (such as a electrical cord, or whip like object), bruises in specific shapes (such as handprints, hangar marks or belt buckles),  bruises on multiple parts of the body, Unexplained internal bleeding might be observed as discoloration under the skin or blood filled lumps, extreme sensitivity to pain or complaints of soreness and stiffness or awkward movements as if caused by pain, adult size human bite marks, burns from objects (cigarettes, iron etc.), injuries with inadequate explanation.

Possible Sexual Abuse:  Bruising in the inner thigh or genital area, difficulty walking or sitting, complaints of genital or anal itching, pain or bleeding, frequent vomiting, becomes parent at a young age, sexually transmitted infection, secretive, advanced sexual knowledge (more than age appropriate), extreme compliance of withdrawal, overly aggressive, inordinate fear of males or females, seductive behavior, sleep problems and nightmares, crying without provocation, sudden onset of wetting or soiling in their pants or bed, suicidal ideation or gestures, frequent running away, cruelty to animals especially pets, fire setting behaviors beyond curiosity, self mutilation; cutting, burning, scratching themselves.

Other are a lot of other factors that may indicate maltreatment or emotional abuse.  If you suspect any abuse and/or neglect, please call the Department of Children and Family Services Hotline 1-800-252-2873.